The Best Pickles from New York


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Half Sour Pickles 

Perfect partner for the milder deli meats; ham, turkey, baloney, roast beef, liverwurst, tuna, salmon salad, or sardines.

Sour Pickles 
Complements the flavor of those sharper deli delights like pastrami, salami and corned beef.

Pickled Tomatoes 
Wonderfully sharp yet subtle enough to highlight almost any dish.

New Kraut 
Firm and sweet. Fine with franks, knockwurst, bratwurst, sweet or mild Italian sausages. Perfect in place of the usual salad.

Deli Rye Bread

Deli Rye Bread - crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, the finest quality for the finest sandwiches

Deli Mustard

Deli Mustard spicy brown, just like your favorite deli.

Real New York City  Jumbo Potato Knishes


Eat them plain or with slightly spicy deli mustard (Please... NOT the wimpy yellow mustard! Blah!) They're great HOT out of the OVEN or HOT off the GRILL. They should be served hot inside and "REAL CRUNCHY" on the outside. Try making sandwiches, slice them open and stuff them with any and everything - they're really great!


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